John Behan


John Behan R.H.A Bronze & Steel’Musical Duette’

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John Behan R.H.A Broighter Polished Bronze Oar Boat Bronze edition-9.

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John Behan RHA (b.1938) Oar Boat with Doves bronze – from an edition of 9 signed h:50  w:55 d:25 cm.


JOHN BEHAN RHA (B.1938) TITLE: Birds in Flight :signed MEDIUM:unique bronze on granite base SIZE:100 x 63 x 40cm (39.4 x 24.8 x 15.7in)

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John Behan RHA Bronze Sherriff Street Bull 3 over 38


John Behan Van Gogh on the Road to Tarascon Bronze, Edition of 9, 16x10x6in

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John Behan (born 1938) is an Irish sculptor from Dublin.

Irish Paintings

John Behan RHA, Irish


Lamb Etching Number :33/50, 21" x 16"